Audiobook Chapters

Well, I started something new. This might be another little thing I start up and then subsiquently abandon shortly after but oh well. We’ll just see what happens.

I’m a HUGE fan of audiobooks and my collection is growing pretty rapidly. Now, I do my audiobook somewhat strangely. A large majority of people use a site called Audible. It’s an awesome site and I love it except for this tiny little snag. Every book from Audible has DRM. Granted, the DRM is very fair. Much like Steam it’s a ‘you bought it, you own it’ sort of DRM and you can redownload all the books you’ve ever bought and use them on a multitude of devices which is all well and good. All you really have to do is bring them into iTunes or whatever program you use and just give them your login and you’re done. I’m cool with that except DRM scares me a bit. What happens when they inevitably go out of business (hopefully a long time from now)? Even if they get an agreement to keep the servers up after they close their doors they won’t stay up forever. Imagine, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on this entire collection of books that can disappear in an instant. That scares me. Not to mention that you can’t edit the files unless you subvert the DRM, thereby breaking the law. And I don’t even want to pirate them! Sometimes Audible gets a little weird and whoever compiled the file didn’t do the chaptering right. I want to change that and with Audible I can’t. That’s why my weird ass prefers the actual CDs. I can rip them at whatever bit rate I want, make iPod audiobook files of them with chapters and everything, and then I have a physical and digital backup of it.

Unfortunately there is a little snag in that too. No audiobook I’ve purchased comes with a table of contents that shows when the chapters start and stop so I have to change that stuff after I’ve listened to the book. Annoying! So, I’ve resolved to create a resource for others like me who need that chapter information for a variety of reasons. Granted, I’ve little money so it’s just another WordPress blog for now but if I can’t make a decent resource for people maybe I can inspire someone who can. I give you

Catchy name…hey, I’m sick and I was half asleep when I made the blog. I can change the name and URL later but for now that’s the best I’ve got. I’ll contribute what I can but something like this really needs crowd sourcing from the hive mind or whatever you want to call it.

That’s the best I’ve got right now. ZZZZzzzzz…..

P.S. Blogging from a smart phone kind of blows!